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Greg McQueen, Commercial Photographer

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Greg McQueen, Photographer

Hi. My name's Greg McQueen and I'm a British photographer living in Aarhus, Denmark.

I have more than five years experience and as a professional photographer, including a broad range of assignments from commercial and editorial portraiture, headshots, studio and location work, fashion, lifestyle, and events and PR.

In that time, I have shot hundreds of events and weddings, and, as well as taking on freelance assignments, I regularly teach workshops in photography and video production at Business Academy Aarhus.

I have a down-to-earth approach to photography that my clients appreciate.

Case Stories 01

Blanka Papp, Fashion Designer

Blanka Papp, Fashion Designer

Blanka is an up and coming fashion designer from Budapest based in Denmark.

After studying at fashion and design TEKO Design and Business, Blanka made two collections, Reborn in the Dark and IMPACT.

She needed a photographer with experience, who understood the importance of collaborating in order capture the essence of each design.

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Stoy, ecommerce

STOY is predominantly an online fashion retailer, although they do have a store in the centre of Aarhus.

My role was as an in-house photographer, shooting mostly studio pack shots.

We also worked on some additional shoots to promote various products across STOY's social media channels.

Client Stories 02

Viborg Animation Festival

Viborg Animation Festival

Viborg Animation Festival is an annual five day event that brings together animators and film producers from around the world.

Work on VAF ranges from event coverage, PR images and portraits of celebrities and VIP guests, editorial images for magazines and brochures, as well as rapid delivery of images for social media.

VAF wanted a photographer with broad experience, able to deal with the challenges of covering such a large event. They have hired me a lead photographer for the festival for the past 3 years.

Jan Rezek, Business Consultant

“Working with Greg has always been a great pleasure. His way of taking the photoshot professionally, but keeping it personal, makes him one of the best photographers I’ve met.”
Jen Rezek, Business Consultant

Susanne van Nes, Project Manager

“Greg is very professional. He guided me with posing and body language, which made me comfortable. Very, very impressed!”
Suzanne van Nes, Busines Change Manager

Client Stories 03


Estefanía Zárate Angarita, Journalist and Business Reporter

"Since I updated my profile pictures on LinkedIn with Greg's headshots, I started to get more views on my profile, more invitations to connect and more messages from recruiters.”
Estefanía Zárate Angarita, Journalist and Business Reporter

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